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JS-500 Cement tile machine
JS-500 Cement tile machine

JS-500 single-layer Cement tile machine


JS500 Automatic Cement Tile Making Machine

Our concrete tile machine is the most advanced innovative, cost-effective and eco-friendly professional terrazzo tile forming equipment by far.

Here with are the main technical parameters of the first class concrete terrazzo machine:


Rated pressure 300 Tons
Production capacity 3---4 pcs/min
Power 25 KW
Product specification Max 600×600 mm
Weight 6 Tons

2900 ×1530×2550(mm)

1,We introduced Italian technology and and improving,Adopt imported PLC programmable controller,with the function of data import and export,logic controlled and self-diagnosis , help on time expel the breakdown


2,adopt import hydraulic components , automatic adjustment of volume and pressure, Precise control of movements of the components.


3,Adapted actuating motor, Guaranteed Accurate movement of pressure head and model tool.


4,adapt the device of Vibration table, Rotary multi-material, Pressure Forming . Self-propelled and so on. Short molding cycle, high production efficiency, the large quality of compacting bricks, high strength, dimensional precision.


5,High degree of automation, multi-use of one machine,if change the model, it could produceVarious specifications porous bricks, color surface terrazzo pavement bricks, slope protection Bricks and so on. It was the favorite choice and high quality



Features of High Quality JS-500 Automatic Terrazo Tile Making Machine hot selling in America:

1. Easy operation and manintenance

2. Low cost and energy consumption

3. Few operators, low labor intensity

4. Stable performance and reliable safety

Finished Terrazzo

Finished Terrazzo of  JS-500 Automatic Terrazo Floor Tile Making Machine/Terrazo Roof tile Making Machinery

Terrazzo Tiles is the only flooring product that improves with age and wear.

By our terrazzo machines, you can make different colour of roof tiles and floor tiles with concrete, cement, granite, marble and coloured stones.


Our terrazzo tile machine can also make different kinds of roof tiles and floor tiles just by changing moulds according to the customers' requirements. Now we have JS-1000, JS-800, JS-600, JS-500, JS-400, JS-600-6, JS-600-7, JS-SD-600 and so on 8 series, more than 30 varieties.



Quality Guarantee

"Benefit of Clients Is Higher Than All"

1) The quality guarantee is 12 months after installation and commissioning.

2) We will be responsible for malfunctions caused by the terrazzo machine itself or other quality problems.

3) The customer will be responsible for other misoperation or improper handling such as operation mistakes, man-made problems.

Any way, we will help solve any problems the customer comes across in the operation and provide life-long maintenance for the machine. Thank you.



1) Q: What kind of products you’d like to manufacture? Material and usage?

A: We can provide machines making concrete floor/roof tiles, cement floor/roof tiles, terrazzo stone slab.

2) Q: What sizes would be normal for you?

A: For concrete roof tiles or terrazzos, maximum size of 400*400*20mm is available on JS-500,

maximum size of 1500*1000*60mm is available on JS-1000.

3) Q: What’s the production capacity you would like to achieve?

A: Our machine can achieve capacity of 3000-3600 pieces per 8 hours for concrete roof tiles,

2000-2800 pieces for terrazzos.

4) Q: Working voltage you would like to use? 220V or 380V?

A: The voltage of our machines are 380V.

JS-800 terrazzo tile machine can produce larger-sized tiles, such as 600X600mm, 600X800mm and 800 X 800mm.
Moulding pressure: 500 Tons               Power: 7.5 kw                  Weight: 9.6Tons
Production: 4-5 pieces/minute             Common matched moulds: 600X600, 600X800, 800X800 mm
Necessary raw materials: cement, small granule of marble/granite/limestone/gravel, stone powder. 
Optional materials: pigment and chemical element.
Usage: indoor & outdoor floor, paving tiles, garden tiles, plaza tiles,etc.
Packages: Wooden boxes
Delivery time: 20 days after confirmed
1. 4-column structure, human-machine interview and easy operation. PLC computer control system makes automatic operation and manual operation available.
2. Advanced pneumatic and hydraulic structure to make sure high efficiency and stable performance.

3. The end products possess higher strength, very nice edges and even surface.

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