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JS-400 Tile Machine
JS-400 Tile Machine

JS-400 single-layer Tile Machine



JS-400 high speed filter-pressing type tile forming machine adopts lots of advanced technologies.
It can produce both of terrazzo tiles for floor and concrete roof tiles.
 Moulding pressure: 128 Tons             Power: 7.5 kW                  Weight: 5 Tons
 Production: 6-8 pieces/minute          Common matched moulds: 250X250, 300X300, 400X400 mm


 Cr12Mv Mould can use 300 million times or more. also the mould surface is changeable. 




elevator mixer


 Packages: Wooden boxes
Delivery time: 20 days after confirmed

1. 4-column structure, human-machine interview and easy operation. PLC computer control system makes automatic operation and manual operation available.
2. Advanced pneumatic and hydraulic structure to make sure high efficiency and stable performance.
3. Multi-function: Matched with various moulds, it can produce terrazzo tiles, paving tiles and kinds of roof tiles.
4. The end products possess higher strength, very nice edges and even surface


 1) Q: What kind of products you’d like to manufacture? Material and usage?

A: We can provide machines making concrete floor/roof tiles, cement floor/roof tiles, terrazzo stone slab.

2) Q: What sizes would be normal for you?

A: For concrete roof tiles or terrazzos, maximum size of 400*400*20mm is available on JS-600,

maximum size of 1500*1000*60mm is available on JS-1000.

3) Q: What’s the production capacity you would like to achieve?

A: Our machine can achieve capacity of 3000-3600 pieces per 8 hours for concrete roof tiles,

2000-2800 pieces for terrazzos.

4) Q: Working voltage you would like to use? 220V or 380V?

A: The voltage of our machines are 380V.

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