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JS-128 Roof Tile Machine
JS-128 Roof Tile Machine

JS-128 Roof Tile Press

Brief Introduction of concrete roof tile making machine:

Roof tile making machine is new and popular producing tiles equipment in modern society. This equipment adopts advanced technology which many company haven't. It has better mechanism capability and economic benefit.It is widely used in building villa and ancient architecture,etc.

1. Fast forming speed,high production. Four-Post Type Tile Making Machine features PLC automic control, man-machine interface and dependable performance.

2. After the mortar is plastically rolled,the concrete tiles thus fabricated features in perfect, various style,high density, high intensity and accurate size, so that they can meet the needs of different constructions.they are best among concrete products

3.The machine can be used for multiple changing the moulds, the equipment can produce various styles of main tiles,ridge tiles,edge tiles and ditch tiles.Also it can produce different styles of high grade concrete floor tiles and wash tiles simultaneously.


Features of concrete roof tile machine:

1.Unique Water-proof Structure 
  Only the moulding tile have the valley bottom structure,which is very useful for the discharge of the rain,and can be effectively to avoided the reflux of the rain.What's more,the higher part of the tile's head can never make the reflux of the rain,even on the horizontal roofing.    
2.Superhigh Strength
   The tile produced by JS-400 has superhigh strength,about 1280 KN,and the overall dimension is very accurate(425mm×337mm,about 9 pcs/m²).The density is very homogeneous,the rupture strength is more than 200 KG,which can bear the constructor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s weight easily.

3. The roof tile machine has excellent design,hydraulic pressure,button operating.
4. It adopts the original mixing together with PC, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and gas technique.Full automatic control,the overall system is more reliable and stable.
5. Since our company was professional in producing concrete roof tile machine for many years,we have rich experience in maintain and production.
6. The roof tile making machine has high technology,high capacity,less investment and more harvest.


Features of cement roof tiles:

1. The tiles which are formed by the machine can make the rain discharged more smoothly and faster,even if it is used in a horizontal roof,there will be no rain counterflow case.
2. The tiles produced by the machine has high strength,the pressure is about 1.25 million Newton,and the overall dimension is very accurate(425*337mm).9pcs are used per square meter.The rupture strength is more than 200 kilogram,so the constructor can boldly walk on the paved roof.
3. Whether vertical paved or horizontal paved,construction is always convenient.It doesn’t need to hang battens if on the common slope roof.The tiles can be cut conveniently by cutting machine at any angle.
4. The heat insulation and frost resistance of tiles are better than other tiles.
5. Because the tile is produced by high pressure,it’s penetration resistance is very well.It is usually used in long-term rain and snow area.


Working process of concrete roof tile making machine production line:


1. At frist,the raw materials are put into the bucket elevator, then deliver to the rolling mixer,at this time,you must add some water into it.

2. After mixing, the mixture come into the dosing feeder,then,measurable mixture that one tile need will put down on the mould below through a small hole.

3. Then,a tile can be formed by high pressure,the pressure is about 125 tons. So the produced tile is very stable and dense.I think the constructor can boldly walk on the paved roof.

4. By the way,the tile need to dry out for about 10 days.Then you can paint.


Main Technical  Parameter of concrete roof tile machine:




Overall Dimension

3120×1750×2650 mm

Moulding Cycle

8-10 s

Moulding Pressure

1280 KN

Weight of Main Engine

5.5 t

Equipped Capacitor

5.5 kw

Production Capacity

3800-4000 pcs/day

Tile Size

424×337 mm


Advantage of concrete roof tile making machine:

1. Our company combined with the most advanced technology development from a new generation of products. The new roof tile making machine not only improves the production capacity and making efficiency, but also expand the scope of application. After years of research, we produced a new type of roof tile making machine ahead of the same industry.

2. You can also produce terrazzo floor tiles by only changing the whole mould.It can reduce your cost. This is our advanced technology which many company haven’t. And we have produced this machine for more than 20 years,so we accumulate rich experience on production and maintainance.We can assure you that the quality is good.If you choose this machine,it will bring you more harvest.


The Consist of concrete roof tile making machine:

1.roof tile forming machine

2.bucket elevator

3.rolling mixer

4.dosing feeder tile mould


Optional accessory of concrete roof tile making machine:


2.filter cloth

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