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Terrazzo tile Machines

· JS-500 Cement tile machine

· JS-600D Terrazzo machine

· JS-600 Terrazo Tile Machine

· Roof tile machine

· JS-400 Tile Machine

Roof tile Machines

· JS-128 Roof Tile Machine

· JS-128G Cement Roof Tile Machine

· PW-5 Painting Machine

· JS-128S cement roof tile machine

Stone Equipment

· NBJ-6 Saw Machine

· YJ-2000 Saw Machine

· Stone Production Line

· Sand Production Line

· Vibrating Screen

Concrete Tile Molds

· Concrete Tile Molds

· Tile Moulds

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Customer from the world-Concrete tile machine

Golden Mountain Machinery is a professional company focus on the construction machinery and tile machinery.

Golden Mountain machinery focus on the fully automatic tile machine/ concrete tile machine to provide the solution in this industry. Most of machine are have high speed to make the tiles, which are 2000-2500 or more tiles per 8 hours. Most customer may want to use ceramic tiles plant as the project in their country, however , the whole plant's investment can reach as much as 5 million dollars or more. 

Concrete tile machine made by Golden Mountain Machinery is the machine that with low cost and high efficient machine compare with the ceramic making plant. Most our customer will get back their investments within one year, some of them get it back within half year or three months.

If you have any plan with our machine, we are glade to provide OEM services.

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